Liar Liar

If you choose to go into public office and then get elected into public office then you are agreeing to be scrutinised by the people who voted for you.  To be in public office means you are serving the people who put an X next to your name.   And to be in service of those people is pretty bloody serious because you potentially have the lives of a few million people in your hands. 

That’s not hyperbole.  If you have the highest office in the land you can literally decide whether people live or die. You can decide who you think is worthy of life or death. You are the gatekeeper to people’s future.  You can drop bombs on civilians. You can cut funding for health services.  You can dictate whether someone lives or dies.  You have a lot of power.  

Therefore, you definitely are qualified to be criticised about how you wield your power.  

When people bemoan criticism of how the Government is handling the current pandemic with phrases such as, ‘They’re trying their best,’ or ‘We need positivity right now, not criticism,’ it’s insulting the people who have died.  If you have been assigned one of (if not the most) important job in the land then you must be willing to take criticism because you should have been trained to perform a job of elite potential.

I produce oysters. I sell oysters. If I sold an oyster and made someone unwell through my own negligence I should be accountable for that.  I have chosen to serve the public with a product and vowed to be safe in the process.  If I said that person, who became ill, needs to stop criticising me as I was trying my best and just be more positive I doubt the authorities would take me very seriously.  And I am pretty sure the media wouldn’t give me an easy ride too.  Why our current PM who is responsible for thousands of deaths deserves an easy ride for his negligence, therefore, confuses me.  

We make our beds and we lie in them or we lie to make our beds more comfortable.  We have a lot of liars in office right now and they need to be held to account.    

Published by Tom Haward

MA Creative Writing. 8th generation oysterman.

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